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Baumot Group AG signs framework agreement for retrofitting buses for the City of London

Königswinter, June 21, 2017 - Baumot Group AG (WKN A2DAM1), a provider of exhaust gas aftertreatment and engine development, has reached an important milestone; in the future they will be able to retrofit London buses using the proprietary BNOx system. At the beginning of June 2017. Read more...

Baumot UK Ltd

About us

Baumot UK is part of the Baumot Group who are leading suppliers in exhaust gas aftertreatment products and engine development. We offer an extensive range of exhaust after treatment systems at oem quality standards for retrofit to buses, coaches, taxi's and off road vehicles.

Our UK operating Headquarters are located in Silverstone Park, where ongoing design and development work will be carried out to extend our product range for both origional equipment and after market applications. Workshops are being established in west and north london to support the growing demand from operators to meet the challenges of the forthcoming LEZ and ULEZ.

Why choose Baumot?
  • OEM quality standards
  • Wide application range
  • 5 year repair & maintanance package
  • 24/7 technical support


years of

experience in exhaust aftertreatment

Baumot UK are bringing over 25 years of expertise in exhaust after treatment design to the UK vehicle market with their innovative BNOx system, ensuring that the right system is specified for the right application.

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  • Manchester, UK
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  • Birmingham, UK
Our Products


BNOx System

Type: SCR System
Application: On- & OffRoad

Thanks to the successful evolution of the BNOx SCR system, the Baumot Group can offer customers its blockbuster technology in both the off-road and on-road setting, reducing nitrogen oxides under real-world conditions.

In simple terms, the BNOx SCR system essentially comprises a generator (ammonia/NH3), which meters the NH3 gas directly into the exhaust line. This generator uses the energy of the exhaust flow and of the electric catalytic converter.

DPF BAB System

Type: DPF System
Application: On- & OffRoad

Efficient exhaust aftertreatment systems are in high demand in the on-road and off-road sectors. The Baumot Group offers economical, durable and future-proof solutions suitable for everyday use in both original equipment and retrofit applications.

This system is based on a catalytic-coated cordierite monolith in combination with another coated diesel oxidation catalyst – “DOC” for short – upstream of it. The DOC’s task is to raise the concentration of NO2 molecules to the point that particulates are oxidized even at average exhaust temperatures of just 220°C. The increased number of NO2 molecules is then reduced again in the coated monolith.

DPF Flame System

Type: DPF System
Application: OffRoad

Another system is the DPF Flame. This is particularly useful at very low exhaust temperatures below 220°C. Thanks to a special burner system, the exhaust temperature can be increased to up to 350°C while the engine is idling or under partial-load. This makes it possible to regenerate the filter continuously (CRT) while reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon pollutants at the same time. In engines with a displacement of less than 6 liters, the DPF Flame system raises the exhaust temperature while idling to over 600°C. That makes it possible to regenerate the particulate filter in about 20 minutes.

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