Baumot Group AG signs framework agreement for retrofitting buses for the City of London

Königswinter, June 21, 2017 – Baumot Group AG (WKN A2DAM1), a provider of exhaust gas aftertreatment and engine development, has reached an important milestone; in the future they will be able to retrofit London buses using the proprietary BNOx system. At the beginning of June 2017, a framework contract for retrofitting 5,800 city buses was signed with the Transport of London (TfL), the umbrella organisation for the coordination of transport systems in London. In order to improve air quality in London on a sustainable basis, TfL is faced with the task of converting the city buses to the exhaust gas standard Euro-VI by spring 2019 at the latest. To this end, the UK Government provided funding of 78 million pounds sterling (approximately EUR 89 million). Since September 2016, Baumot Group AG has been one of four companies which has been authorised as a supplier, selected as part of a comprehensive multi-stage selection process. In addition to the retrofitting of the buses, the framework contract also includes arrangements for telematics monitoring of the systems as well as five-year maintenance agreements.

The Baumot Group provided a solution with its BNOx system, which reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) by more than 90% under real conditions. Compared to classical SCR systems, the BNOx system has many clear advantages including extremely high efficiency in the low-temperature range, which is particularly relevant in urban traffic. A further plus was the small space required for installation. In addition, the cost of service and maintenance is significantly lower with the BNOx system than with conventional SCR systems. The Baumot Group, from its UK headquarters based in Silverstone, is excellently equipped to service the contract.

Marcus Hausser, Chairman of the Board of Management of Baumot Group AG: “The signing of the framework contract with TfL is a major milestone for our business. In addition to the current discussion’s in Germany on the retrofitting of passenger cars with the BNOx, we are already demonstrating in the field our system is the leading solution for combating air pollution, especially in urban areas. Other cities in the UK have already announced they will follow London as an example in the solution implemented. For the “National Low Emission Projects (Large Projects)”, a total of 150 million British pounds of funding will be provided. This places us in a good position to get successive orders. Similar projects are expected in the near future with city bus fleets in several cities in Germany. ”

On signing the framework agreement with TfL, the Baumot Group is now applying its BNOx system to the respective engine types of the different bus operators in the London City bus fleets. The vehicles will then go into the normal control mode for a few months. Upon completion of these tests, the TfL bus operators will receive final approval to purchase the systems. The Board of Management of the Baumot Group expect the first sales from this project at the end of 2017. In Germany, the city of Paderborn has already had a positive experience with the BNOx system. Paderborn city buses of the Euro III to Euro V standards were retrofitted and tested with the BNOx system. So far the results confirm the success: buses with the retrofitted BNOx system achieved the same values ​​as those required with the Euro VI systems of the car manufacturers. At the beginning of 2016, the Baumot Group had further developed the BNOx system successfully for use in the passenger car sector. Lastly, the retrofitting of passenger cars due to Dieselgate, imminent diesel driving ban in German inner cities and the possible introduction of a so-called “Blauesplakette” was the subject of a broad public discussion in Germany. The effectiveness of the BNOx system in the passenger car sector had been confirmed by the ADAC in May 2017 by means of several passenger tests. A EURO-5 vehicle with BNOx system was tested, both on the test stand and under real conditions (so-called PEMS measurement). In all test cycles, the BNOx system was able to reduce NOx emissions well below the EURO-6 limit of 0, Reduce 08g / km. This confirmed the practicality of retrofitting.

Dr. Ingo Zemke, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, say’s: “As a consequence of the growing dynamics on the aftermarket market for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in commercial vehicles and passenger cars, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Baumot Group AG decided to acquire the subsidiary Kontec GmbH and the subsidiaries ongoing insolvency proceedings, to concentrate on the exhaust gas post-treatment business. ”

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About Baumot Group AG:

Baumot Group AG (formerly Twintec AG) is a leading supplier in exhaust aftertreatment and engine development. Baumot Group AG offers customer’s high-quality solutions in design & engineering, products & solutions, and testing & validation services. These products and services are used by TwintecBaumot in the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), retrofit and aftermarket (spare parts) sectors across all industries, thus covering the entire value chain of exhaust gas aftertreatment. The sectors include, in particular, on-road (eg cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles) and off-road (eg construction machinery, agricultural machinery or stationary equipment).

The Baumot Group and its subsidiaries have decades of experience in exhaust gas aftertreatment, engineering services and testing & validation. Other key areas include the development and testing of sensors and controls for autonomous driving as well as e-mobility concepts.

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