Baumot BNOx system achieves Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation

Baumot UK are pleased to announce we have been accredited by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) on the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS). The CVRAS is a robust certification scheme for manufacturers of retrofit emission reduction technologies. This certification scheme supports the operation of Clean Air Zones and addresses the air pollution emissions from buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles, mini-buses and vans.

EST is a leading and trusted organisation committed to helping people save energy and inspire energy efficiency behaviour changes Рin communities, commercial ventures, homes and travel across the UK

The Baumot BNOx system currently approved under the scheme requirements include the following bus models:

  • ADL E400 E4 and E5
  • ADL E300 E4 and E5
  • ADL E200 E4 and E5
  • Wright Bus DB300 E5
  • Scania 9ltr EGR

We have a number of other models currently in progress under the scheme, including:

  • Optare
  • Volvo

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