Baumot retrofit technology will improve air quality in Berlin through the retrofit of 100 diesel buses

The high-quality BNOx retrofit system from Baumot has been selected by Berlin City to retrofit 100 buses.  In December 2017 the contract was won following an increase in focus for retrofitting in the bus sector. The BNOx is a combined SCR + DPF system upgrades old buses to a Euro VI equivalent emission standard, improving air quality throughout Germany.

The technology which can be retrofitted to EURO III, IV, V and EEV buses and achieving emission levels better than EURO VI.  Allowing for rapid conversion of an operator’s fleet to the latest emissions standard cost effectively.

Winfried Doelling, Managing Director for Aftertreatment in the Twintec Baumot Group, comment’s  “This opportunity is a great for us to demonstrate how the innovative Baumot technology removes Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and particulate (PM) emissions from vehicles. NOx and PM air pollutions causes a large number of premature deaths which can be cost effectively prevented with BNOx technology. We are excited with the project, the first buses have been rolled out in Berlin already and all installations to be completed by autumn this year ”

The BNOx solution lowers nitrogen oxides (NOx) by more than 90% under real driving conditions (RDE) and eliminates PM to virtually zero.

How it works

The BNOx system comprises a BNOx (ammonia) generator that converts standard AdBlue (DEF) on board on demand into Ammonia gas. The NH3 gas is then metered directly into the exhaust line. As a result of this operating principle, no function-critical hydrolysis in the exhaust gas stream is required (unlike other conventional SCR systems).

WebConnect – Emission Tracking and Reporting

As well as the BNOx system, Baumot are helping fleet operators manage vehicles, by offering the WebConnect system to monitor exhaust aftertreatment system installed on a vehicle and the NOx reduction performance in real time. Giving operators 24/7 access to tracking the vehicle and real-time information of the NOx emissions.







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About Baumot AG

Baumot Group AG is a leading supplier in the field of exhaust after-treatment. Baumot uses these products and services in all business areas OEM (original equipment), retrofit (retrofitting) and aftermarket (spare parts). The sectors include in particular on-road (eg cars, trucks and buses) and off-road (eg construction machinery, agricultural machinery or stationary equipment).



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