Baumot in partnership with Mistral Finance are offering a funding structure for fleet operators

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Baumot UK in partnership with Mistral Asset Finance are offering a funding structure for fleet operators to upgrade exhaust systems to meet the Governments forthcoming emission controls

2 July 2018, Baumot UK in partnership with Mistral Asset Finance is offering a funding structure for operators looking to upgrade their Coaches and Buses to Euro 6 to meet the forthcoming Low Emission Zone (LEZs) requirements.

The funding structure enables operators who want to upgrade coaches but who are reluctant to spend the capital cost to fit the new systems, allowing them to spread the cost of the exhaust upgrade to Euro 6 over several years and remain compliant with the new legislation. The market is in need of a solution given the number of high value pre Euro 6 coaches which are currently both in dealer’s premises and within operators’ fleets that will not be able to run into LEZs in the imminent future.

Guy Wadsworth, Mistral Asset Finance’s Director, comment’s: “A number of operators are sitting with high value Euro 5 coaches and have the difficult decision to make on how they manage their fleet going forward to be able to continue running into Low Emission Zones. Together with Baumot we can offer them a path forward; where they can spread the cost of the exhaust upgrade over a number of years, and remain compliant against the new legislation.”

Bert Pierlings, Managing Director, Baumot UK, comment’s: “Given the investment required by fleet operators’ and no Government funding available for Coach operators to upgrade their systems this places a significant financial burden on them. We explored options on how we could support the market and partnering with Mistral Finance we can provide a solution which will help them meet the forthcoming emission controls in cities. “

Baumot’s retrofit BNOx exhaust system combines SCR + DPF to upgrade older coaches and buses, the technology can be retrofitted to EURO III, IV, V and EEV coaches and buses, and achieve emission levels better than EURO VI allowing for rapid conversion of an operator’s fleet to the latest emissions standard cost effectively.


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Mistral Asset Finance is a specialist funder operating exclusively in the PSV market across the UK.  Its experience in the sector allows it to support operators with the purchase of both new and used vehicles together with other assets associated with the running of their business. For further information:

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Baumot UK, part of the Baumot Group AG, is a leading supplier in exhaust gas aftertreatment products. These products and services are offered in OEM (original equipment), retrofit (retrofitting) and aftermarket (spare parts) markets. The sectors we operate include on-road (eg buses, coaches, trucks and cars) and off-road (eg construction machinery, agricultural machinery or stationary equipment).

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