Retrofit solution for NRMM

We offer a retrofit solution, which is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new machine. For a fraction of the cost we can help you meet the required emissions standards allowing fee-free access to Low-Emissions Zones and Clean Air Zones.

Customised solutions to suit individual machine requirements

With our expertise and resources, we can provide a customised solution for your machine(s), from small-series production runs to special original equipment applications. This will ensure an optimal exhaust aftertreatment solution based on the machines operating and temperature conditions.

If you have a vehicle that does not meet EURO 6 standards, we may be able to work with you to retro-fit a system.

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Available Products

Emission tracking & reporting

Helping fleet operators manage vehicles, we offer a system to monitor exhaust aftertreatment system installed on a vehicle and the NOx reduction performance in real time. You have 24/7 access to tracking the vehicle and real-time information of the NOx emissions.

Emissions compliance

NRMM Emissions regulations for LEZ explained

The Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Regulation defines emission limits for NRMM engines for different power ranges and applications, in 2019 dramatically tighter emissions limits for mobile machinery come into effect.

NRMM who operate in the UK are no longer able to operate in cities without being subject to emission regulations and clean air environmental zones.

LEZs and ULEZs

Low Emission Zone

To tackle air pollution in our cities and built up areas, the Government has identified 37 cities with zones where air quality issues. In these cities plans are being introduced for Low Emission Zones (LEZs) Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZs). If vehicles entering the zones do not meet requirements they will be charged and fined. Read more

Go green, gain competitive advantage

In construction project tenders’ environmental criteria are having an ever greater impact on contract award decisions. Competitive advantages are becoming apparent for companies that use construction machinery equipped with state-of-the-art exhaust technology. Many major projects already require the use of particulate filters on the machinery.

We offer solutions for:
  • Bulldozers
  • Compressors
  • Excavators
  • Fork lifts
  • Generators
  • Loaders
  • Pumps
  • Industrial trucks
  • Mobile cranes
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